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DAS personnel have decades of experience in threat assessment, risk assessment, risk management, vulnerability assessment and operational effectiveness analysis of many security and counterterrorism activities. DAS personnel have especially extensive expertise in analyzing threat, risk, and vulnerability to weapons of mass destruction such as Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear agents.

DAS will design a consulting process tailored to your organization, locality, or country to help you accomplish your goals. DAS can assist solely with the design of the process and teach your personnel to execute it or we can design and execute a turnkey assessment.

DAS can also provide an independent expert review of an existing process or assessment. Some typical consulting service offerings include:

Risk Assessment Design

DAS can assist an organization new to risk analysis in identifying risk scope and selecting an appropriate set of scenarios and risk methodology. This level of consulting is appropriate for countries or organizations that want to develop and maintain an in-house risk assessment capability but need some assistance getting started.

Tailored Risk Assessments

For clients who desire a turnkey product, DAS will design and execute a complete risk assessment. DAS provides trusted personnel and processes and will comply with client data security requirements to maintain the confidentiality of the threat and risk information.

Operational Effectiveness / Vulnerability Assessments

When assessing the viability of a CBRN attack, it is important to know the effectiveness of existing security measures to detect or prevent the attack (the lack of effectiveness is the ‘vulnerability’ to the attack). DAS can apply a variety of techniques from simple analyses to detailed mathematical models and simulations to assist with assessing operational effectiveness / vulnerability.

Portfolio Analysis & Prioritization Studies

DAS assists with cost/benefit analyses and portfolio analyses to help an organization optimize risk reduction. Assessing the benefit of a program can be challenging when the program is intended to address an adaptive situation where any action may result in changes to the behavior of the situation. DAS has an industry leading approach to prioritization that accounts for threat deflection and deterrence and can effectively prioritize programs based on their improvement of all potential portfolios.

Data Wrangling

Making your data work for you

DAS can assist an organization to identify and acquire data to support their business needs. DAS helps to identify the data quality necessary and design the automated acquisition processes as well as data transformations needed to use the data in advanced analyses like Artificial Intelligence.

Historical Data

While it is difficult if not impossible to find data for some aspects of an assessment (e.g., historical dirty bomb events), there are often proxies that can be used in an assessment even if not direct examples of what is preferred. We can identify the data and/or proxies to use

Modeling and Simulation

DAS can develop custom models or apply existing models to estimate assessment inputs using modeling and simulation. Model types include Multi-Attribute Utility Models, physical models and simulations.

Subject Matter Expert Elicitation

DAS can design and execute subject matter elicitations to get useful expert opinions. DAS follows best practices such as the NUREG-1150 or Delphi methods to obtain estimates. DAS can structure questions and elicitations to minimize expert bias and ensure that the best data possible is obtained.

Data Cleaning and Transformation

DAS has expertise in understanding how good your data must be to support the decisions you must make. We can apply best practices to make your data as complete and accurate as possible and use a variety of techniques to improve the data quality

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