Sensor Integration and System Design

DAS personnel have extensive experience in selecting and integrating multiple sensor types into advanced security and intelligence systems. From designing CBRN monitoring systems that reduce or eliminate false alarms and provide automated response and assessment, to innovative security or border protection systems that combine multiple sensor data types to improve automated assessments, DAS has the skill to take your security systems to the next level.

Selection of Sensor Suites

The selection of sensors is not just about size, cost, and performance. Sensors that operate as part of integrated suites must have more robust data exchange capabilities with control systems. It is often necessary to get raw measurements in addition to alarms and pictures. DAS can define what data should be exchanged and how it should be used to improve alarm assessment. Then appropriate sensors can be selected that support these enhanced data exchanges.

Integration of Sensor Suites

DAS personnel have innovated unique approaches to sensor integration that vastly improve security and assessment of alarms. DAS innovations:

  • Reduce or eliminate false alarms (in one system there were over 400,000 CBRN alarms over 4 years but not a single system wide false alarm)
  • Improve location or identification of the cause of an alarm by combining multiple sensor inputs
  • Automatically apply models where appropriate to enhance knowledge of security events
  • Support higher level trend analysis (only feasible since single alarms are combined into ‘events’ automatically)

Sensor System Assessment and Documentation

DAS can assess a system design or an existing sensor system and associated business processes that adjudicate alarms and provide suggestions for enhancement or improvement. In the process, DAS will document the system structure, connectivity and data flows that form the basis of the security system.