Modeling and Simulation

DAS has a broad familiarity with many types of models and simulations that support a wide variety of applications. This broad expertise makes DAS the perfect consultant to assist with selecting appropriate models to support a particular application. Among the techniques DAS has worked with are:

  • Probabilistic Risk Assessment
  • Event trees, fault trees, decision trees
  • Multi-Attribute Utility models
  • Best Linear Unbiased Predictors
  • Discrete Event Simulation
  • Classifiers
  • Correlation models (including a patent on a general correlation capability)
  • Detection models
  • Natural language models
  • Neural networks
  • Monte Carlo techniques including Latin Hypercube Sampling
  • Economic models (input/output models and computed general equilibrium models)
  • Automated video analysis, photogrammetry
  • Sensor data models for CBRNE agent detection, acoustic, seismic, infrasound, video, motion detection, magnetic, ground penetrating radar, meteorological, building components (HVAC, fire, elevator, physical security systems), gravitational, hyperspectral, multi-spectral, Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR), hydro-acoustic, epidemiological, environmental (e.g., chemical, pollutant, radiological), particle counters, and georeferenced data of many types

We can certainly determine the best approaches for your application given the complexity of the application and the time and resources available.